What to know about Commercial Roof Tear Offs

There are two options for repairing an existing roof. One is to install new roofing over the current roofing material, the second is to tear off the existing roof and put down a fresh layer of new materials. In most cases either is possible, depending on the extent of the damage in the original roof. While placing new roofing material over the old is the cheaper option, it is not necessarily the better choice; which, is why a commercial roof tear off should be considered.

Re-roofing over existing material is problematic because there is no way to fully diagnose problems that may lie beneath. For this reason, roofing over potential damage may not address all of the issues. For example, if condensation and mold have collected beneath the roofing deck—or even in the internal attic area of a building—then it is unlikely to be corrected by applying new shingles over old materials.

Benefits of Tears Offs

With the prevalence of rain and conditions favored by mold and mildew, a commercial roof tear off is a more sound solution. In the process of removing old roofing, old and worn out waterproofing is removed and replaced. Any problems are detected and scraped away. Brand new waterproofing and sealing material is laid. This guarantees that the new roofing materials will keep out the rain and be laid on a healthy foundation.

One additional bonus to commercial roof tear offs is that it will not compromise the manufacturer’s warranty, which may happen when roofing over existing material.

Commercial Roofing & Re-Roofing

When you call Pioneer Roofers you are getting 20 years of roofing experience in the Pacific Northwest. We use the highest quality materials, which are covered by a warranties. These warranties can last 15 to 25 years, allowing you to have peace of mind following the completion of the installation process. As professional roofers, we are insured, licensed, and bonded. Beyond that, though, they also have the experience and know-how to get the job done well.

Roofing in the damp Northwest comes with its own challenges. All of our contractors have the experience necessary to handle the challenge. Whether you need emergency repairs, a commercial roof inspection, or a tear off, Pioneer Roofers can handle the job. We guarantee our work and strive for total customer satisfaction. Our employees are happy to discuss what they find while working on your roof. We want our customers to feel confident in their understanding of the work we will be doing.

Our roofing service extends to multiple roof types: flat roofs, pitched roofs, and patio roofs. We are able to work with any size and scale of job. Our many happy commercial roofing customers will attest to the stellar work, excellent communication, and competitive pricing we offer at Pioneer Roofers.

Let Us Raise The Bar On Your Roof

A quality roof is a crucial element to any structure. When it comes to your roof, we have the team, quality materials and expertise to take care of your office building. Our commercial roofing company can do more than simple jobs. We can perform any type of roof work. Our training and experience is what sets us above our competition.

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