Re-Roofing Your Oregon Home will extend your roof’s life

Residential roofing has to hold up under year after year of rain, freezing conditions, and damage that moss and mold can create. In time, especially on older homes, material begins to breakdown and separate, resulting in leaks and causing the need for repairs or a full roof replacement. Specific sections can be repaired but if the damage is widespread, or if the roof is too old, it is generally better to opt for a fresh re-roof. Contact Pioneer Roofers, we are the premier residential roofing company.

The Importance of Re-Roofing

As stated above, a re-roofing over existing residential roof material is a possibility. This involves working the waterproofing into the current roofing material while replacing the troubled section(s). This solution typically works best when the leaking or dysfunctional roofing area is small, and the damage is not pervasive. Although re-roofs covers over existing material, it does not offer the same long-term stability that a residential tear off provides.  At Pioneer Roofers, we start with a solid residential roof inspection to identify the trouble spots and determine if a re-roof is possible.

The Advantages of Residential Tear Offs

Residential tear offs create a sturdier roof repair solution than a re-roof, because, they get down to the foundation of a roof. All faulty and compromised material is scraped off. Once done, our contractors are able to find any damage done, not only to the foundation of the roof but also to the attic and drywall inside the home. This allows for any mold that has taken root, beneath the roof or inside the attic, to be treated before any new roofing material is added.

This stronger roofing option means you can rest assured that the new roof will fall under the manufacturer’s warranty—where as a re-roof may not qualify. All weak and damaged areas will be shored up, because all roofing material is new. Your roof is guaranteed to be waterproof and weatherproof to make it through any Oregon conditions for years to come.

The Preferred Roofing Contractors

Homeowners repeatedly contact us for our re-roof services. We have been doing roof tear offs for over 20 years that span from minor patching to more extensive work. Our reputation as trusted roofing contractors is built on decades of happy customers. Our compatible, upfront pricing, dedicated expertise, and friendly, on-time service bring us word-of-mouth referrals everyday. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to guarantee your re-roof will be done with expert care and guaranteed for years to come.

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