Benefits of Garden Roofs

When you want professional garden roofs, you want Pioneer Roofers. We’ve been leading the way in modern roof solutions for residential and commercial properties for over 20 years. You may be familiar with the area’s long standing green movement. It is a city that loves recycling, bicycling, and believes in renewability from the ground up, we do too. That’s why we’ve become industry leaders in the installation, maintenance, and repair of garden roofs. A top quality garden roof can do so much for your property. There’s no better time than now to enjoy these benefits.

The Benefits of Garden Roofs

  • Quality of Life – Garden roofs can increase the quality of life in your home and for residents of apartment buildings. With limited space in cities the draw of a garden roof that residents can enjoy cannot be measured. Garden roofs can function as a meeting space, a relaxing oasis, and even a garden. These multi-use spaces provide a personal touch to any building. The feeling of being at one with nature and so close to the amenities we’ve grown accustomed to is truly special. A garden roof makes it all possible.
  • Energy and Pollution Reductions – It’s easy to forget that something so beautiful can come with a financial benefit. Garden roofs are naturally insulating. They absorb heat when it is too hot, and keep in heat when it is cold. That natural insulation saves money by lowering electric needs for the citizens below it. Over a garden roofs lifespan the reduced energy cost can even offset the entire cost of installation. This saves you money over a traditional roof. Vegetation helps to remove air pollution and reduce the buildings overall carbon footprint.
  • Stormwater Management – Garden roofs retain much of the environments naturally occurring precipitation. This number can be as high as 90% in the summer and 40% in the winter. The plants then use the water, and release the rest into the atmosphere by evaporation. That provides natural filtration for existing run off water. It also greatly reduces stormwater runoff and delays runoff that does occur. This greatly reduces the strain put on the sewer system.

Your Garden Roof Installers

Our extensive experience lets us create the perfect garden roofs. We can create specific biomes that meet your needs. We can even focus your garden roofs. Doing so allows us to attract specific birds and insects. It’s been found that garden roofs serve to attract butterflies, birds, bees, and more. If you want to focus more on the human element we’ll work with you to design perfect garden roofs, providing you with a lovely, personal oasis. A garden roof doesn’t have to cover your roof completely to provide extensive benefits. It’s easy to provide walking, lounging, and recreational space for anyone to enjoy. This makes it one of the most well-rounded roof top solutions you can choose.

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