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Advantages of Patio Roofs

Uncover the Benefits of Roof Patios

We all love when the weather turns warmer and we get to spend more time enjoying the outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. But but the weather can be unpredictable ranging from soggy and wet to sunny and warm days. Adding a patio roof to your outdoor space allows you to enjoy the cool shade on the hotter days and keeps you dry during a nice warm rain shower. Additionally, installing patio roofs can add value to your home and improve its outer appearance.

But the benefits don’t end there. Here are some more advantages of patio shading solutions:

Patio Covers Keep the Inside Cool

Solar heat gain mitigation is the biggest advantage of installing a patio roof. They act as a defense against the sun’s infrared rays, which raise the indoor temperature of your home when absorbed. Sunlight is attracted to the patio cover first which then draws away heat and UV light from your home. Not only does it keep your home cooler, it also protects your furniture and flooring from damage the sun’s heat may cause.

Additionally, your cooling costs will decrease significantly by denying the entry of solar heat to your home through your glass windows and doors.

Combat Solar Damage with a Patio Roof

As we mentioned earlier, patio shades reflect UV radiation which can cause colors to fade by breaking down the chemical bonds of your furniture or other objects. While we have a lot of cloudy days in the Pacific Northwest, UV rays are stronger during the spring and summer months and your valuables are at much higher risk of solar damage.

Adding a Patio Shade can Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When selecting the visual design for your new patio cover, it should complement the style of your home. Adding a fully customizable patio shade not only allows you to bridge the gap between your interior and exterior places, it lends your home to a more interesting and inviting space.

Types of Patio Covers

When you decide to add a patio cover to your home’s exterior, there are a few different styles to choose from:

  • Solid Patio Cover – If you live in an area with heavy rain and/or snowfall, then the solid patio cover is likely the safest choice. It will completely cover your deck or patio and protect you and your home from weather.
  • Latticed Covers – Lattice comes in different shapes and sizes and are combined to form a pattern which is appealing and elegant. This is a partial cover and will not be as protective as a solid cover.
  • Pergolas – As a popular choice, often the term pergola is interchanged with patio cover. These wooden or metallic beams extend from the supporting walls or columns to create an intimate environment with interesting shade.

Patio Roof Materials

Knowing the type of roof you a looking to install will help you to decide which material you want to use. You want to select one that matches your outdoor decor scheme, but you want to ensure it works well with the climate and your lifestyle as well.

Some patios, such as those with a metal or heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride-type plastic frame and panels, go up relatively quickly. These are also lower maintenance options compared to wood. For the do-it-yourselfer, many of these options come in kits that include solid panels and lattice work.

Patio roofing materials include:

  • Trellis Patio
  • Metal panels or aluminum
  • Translucent fiberglass
  • Acrylic Patio Covers
  • Canvas shade sails
  • Wood and shingles

Trellis Patio

A trellis patio cover is a great option for areas that don’t experience extreme temperatures during the summer. Generally, these consist of a series of boards on edge or lattice-work made from wood lathing. You can add more shade and help control mosquitos by adding netting material over the wood frame.

Metal or Aluminum

Aluminum is the most commonly used metal material for its durability, lightweight, and flexibility in design. These patio covers are low-maintenance and long-lasting and there are many design, style, and color options to choose from. Applying the faux finish of your choice on the aluminum roof gives you added variety.

Translucent Fiberglass

This is the same material used to top greenhouses that are not made from glass. It is installed directly to a wood or metal frame and sealed around the fasteners to prevent leakage. Translucent Fiberglass also helps to control the penetration of harmful ultraviolet rays.

Acrylic Patio Covers

Another option that offers a wide array of colors and finishes is acrylic or vinyl patio covers. This plastic material can withstand harsh weather conditions and is low-maintenance, easy to clean, and resistant to damage. However, you must apply a polish or paint finish to vinyl or it may discolor under high exposure to UV radiations.

Canvas Sails

Canvas sails are essentially a series of canvas shade sails strung and pulled taut from the roof to erected poles. They are a great option for protecting your home from harmful ultraviolet rays without blocking out all the light and can be left up year-round. It is best to have these installed professionally.

Wooden Patio Covers

Simple yet elegant, wooden patio covers are known for their natural colors and patterns. This material is the best option if your home or the roof is built from wood as they will blend into the design. However, wood requires regular maintenance, treatment for weather-resistance, and polishing.

You can build the patio roof to be an extension of your existing roof, by constructing it over a sturdy frame to support additional plywood, tar paper and shingles that match the home’s roofing shingles. However, do not cover a patio roof with just plywood, as it is not very attractive and will quickly deteriorate during inclimate weather.

So, are you looking for a roof to cover your homes outdoor space? Our experts at Pioneer Roofing have over 20 years of experience installing all types of roofs and we are one of the premier roofing companies in the area. Contact us today and to schedule you a consultation!

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Advantages of Patio Roofs

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