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When you need the Best roofers Portland, you need Pioneer Roofers. We’ve been providing high quality roofer services to all of Portland for over 20 years. At Pioneer Roofers we know what it takes to build an incredible roof. You want something that represents you and is made to last. We use the highest quality materials and only hire experienced roofers Portland and construction experts. This allows us to create a roof that exceeds your expectations. We know Portland is home to many diverse styles. New houses with modern construction and old houses with rich character inhabit the same street. Our roofers in Portland have the ability to work on any of them, no matter the roof type. When you want exceptional roofers in Portland, we do it all, and we do it right.

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You don’t want to call around. It can be a hassle finding out what a company specializes in. You have to investigate the quality of the work and the quality of the materials. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have access to trusted local roofers? Roofers from Portland, that know how to build roofs that can handle the weather conditions? You already do. Pioneer Roofers live where we work. Portland is our home and we work alongside you everyday. The same great diversity that can be found in Portland citizens is found in their roof preference. That’s why we work on:

  • Commercial Roofs – Our roofers Portland are skilled at performing commercial roofing work on buildings of all sizes. We work efficiently so that your business remains uninterrupted. Whether it’s repair, installation, or general maintenance, we’ve got you covered.
  • Residential Roofs – We do exceptional work. No matter what you need done to your home, our roofers can provide it. We handle all manner of repairs and can construct any type of roof you desire. This includes matching roofing on home extensions, or giving you something new and exciting.
  • Flat Roofs – Flat roofs are most common on apartment buildings and other multi-unit structures. Our roofers Portland can install secure, sound, and well draining flat roofs. We also inspect and repair flat roofs for water and debris damage. Ask about a regular maintenance package as well.
  • Pitched Roofs – Pitched roofs offer great water resistance as well as longevity. They can be difficult to work on for unskilled laymen though. Our expert roofers Portland have the experience and confidence you want. We provide exceptional materials to build or repair your pitched roof, keeping you dry and warm no matter the weather.
  • Patio Roofs – Patio roofs are becoming more and more common. As one of the world’s greenest cities, we’ve have the pleasure of providing many of Portland’s most sought after garden roofs. These save money, provide exceptional water management, and are customizable. When you want your patio garden to be the envy of the block, call on Pioneer Roofers.

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