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Roofers Beaverton

Quality Roofers You Can Count On


You don’t want to trust the roof over your head to just anyone, you want the best roofers in Beaverton! Pioneer Roofers has been the go-to company for experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable roofers in Beaverton for over 20 years. We know what needs to be done to ensure you get quality roof work that meets or exceeds expectations. Our roofing contractors know it too.

Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential services, we have you covered. Both require uniquely qualified roofers and the work requires a close following of different government guidelines. Though our roofers’ methods vary depending on the job, their quality never wavers.

Your Comprehensive Roofing Solution

There’s no reason to call around, hoping that the roofing company you reach specializes in your style of roof, when Pioneer Roofers offers a one-stop solution. We can handle any roofing type and material. Whether you need repairs, replacements, re-roofing or a completely new installation, our roofers in Beaverton have got you covered. We work on:

  • Commercial Roofs – We perform work on buildings regardless of size or number of levels. With exceptional quality and mindfulness, our roofers are incredibly efficient and we always do our best to ensure the smallest impact on your business during operating hours.
  • Residential Roofs – From repairs to new roofing, when you need top notch design and incredible workmanship, we are there. We can construct any roof type you would like. Our roofers in Beaverton can match your existing roof for home extensions and additions as well.
  • Flat Roofs – Most common on multi-unit structures and apartment buildings, flat roofs are a common option. Our roofers can provide your property with a secure flat roof that has excellent draining. We can also inspect existing roofing, and repair any debris or water damage. We’re proud to offer expansive maintenance packages also.
  • Pitched Roofs – Pitched roofs provide your property with excellent longevity and water resistance. We have the experience to make the construction of this difficult type look easy. We also perform pitched roof repairs in the event there is damage to your existing structure.
  • Patio Roofs – Patio roofs are gaining more and more traction in Beaverton for a number of reasons. Not only do they save electricity thanks to reduced heating and cooling costs, they also provide you with an incredible functional space for entertaining. Our designers and roofers in Beaverton can work with you to create a one of a kind green patio roof that will be the envy all your neighbors.

For the most capable roofers in Beaverton call (503) 281-0305 or contact Pioneer Roofers today.


The City of Beaverton

As the second largest city in Washington County, Beaverton holds it’s own against Portland. Home to a number of large corporations, the city is in the northern part of the silicon forest. This makes it an ideal location for workers in the tech industry. Luckily, Beaverton offers a number of great things for citizens to do in and around town.

Those who live and breath technology will be right at home at Vintage Tek. This museum is dedicated to vintage Tektronix equipment and features a number of antique machines in both functional and non-functional states. Those looking for a little more human interaction can visit the Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery. With an extensive game collection that covers everything from jigsaws to card and board games, visitors may forget to leave by closing time.