Portsmouth in Portland, Maine is a charming neighborhood filled with vibrant culture, delicious seafood and numerous attractions that make it a great spot to explore while spending time in the city.

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For those looking to get active or just wanting to relax a bit Portsmouth has something for everyone. If you’re into water sports then head over to Back Cove where visitors can enjoy kayaking tours or even rent an electric SUP board while taking in some of the area’s beautiful views from above the waves. There’s also the nearby Eastern Promenade which provides plenty of opportunities to get some fresh air and exercise such as biking, walking or running along its paths as well as small green spaces here and there perfect for enjoying a picnic lunch or relaxing below one of trees.
When it comes to food there are plenty of seafood options available throughout Portsmouth such as Fisherman’s Grill which serves up classic New England clam chowder alongside plenty of other fish dishes like baked haddock served with mashed potatoes that will leave you feeling full and content after your visit. For those preferring something more outside the seafood realm downtown there are also places like Highroller Lobster which offers burgers, salads and tacos all made with top quality ingredients sure to satisfy your hunger needs.
Portsmouth offers plenty of fun entertainment possibilities day and night such as Gilda’s Laughland providing live comedy shows every weekend or playing arcade games at The Vault Arcade & Bar helping create lasting memories among friends or family during their time spent here.
Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or an entertaining evening out Portsmouth in Portland, Maine has something in store waiting around every corner!

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