The Portland Art Museum, located in downtown Portland Oregon, is one of the largest and oldest art museums in the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1892, it currently houses over 42000 works of art ranging from ancient Egyptian sculptures to Renaissance paintings to modern-day urban photography. In addition to its impressive permanent collection, the museum also features an incredible array of temporary exhibitions that feature both internationally renowned and locally created artwork.

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One of the museum’s most popular exhibitions is its annual 21st Century European Collection which showcases an incredible range of contemporary works from both established and emerging contemporary artists from across Europe. Additionally, there are numerous other special exhibitions throughout the year such as African American Art Along with which displays pieces from local Black creators as well as a celebration of Native American art called Honor Our Ancestors: Cherokee Arts and Culture.
Visitors can explore various galleries that feature prints and drawings, photographs, textiles and clothing, decorative arts, Native American artifacts and more! Additionally, during certain times of the year the museum hosts free lectures series open to all ages on topics ranging from cross-cultural design to sustainable architecture practices.
What sets this museum apart is not only its commitment to showcasing contemporary works but its dedication to bringing people together through shared experiences around art. Whether visitors come for an educational tour or a leisurely exploration through the galleries they are sure to be inspired by what they see!
From kids programs like summer camps and drop-in activities tailored to youth development to adult education classes like life drawing – Portland Art Museum has something for everyone! With so much variety under one roof it is easy to see why this iconic institution has been capturing hearts for over 125 years!

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