Pittock Mansion is an iconic Portland landmark that stands as a reminder of the city’s unique history. Located in the West Hills neighborhood, it was built in 1914 by the Pittock family to serve as both their home and a showpiece of the thriving early days of Portland.

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Today, visitors can explore this historic mansion and experience what life was like in turn-of-the-century Portland. The first floor is open for self-guided tours which include a look at the stately parlors, dining room, library and master bedroom suite. Upstairs guests are invited to explore the former children’s quarters filled with toys and furnishings from the time period.
Outside on the grounds you can take a true walk through history as there are numerous trails weaving around the estate among trees that have been standing for centuries. Atop the hill sits an observation deck offering sweeping views of downtown along with nearby landmarks like Mount St Helens and Mount Hood.
The winter months offer even more opportunities to experience Pittock Mansion with events such as Holiday Tea and Storytime or Wreath Making workshops where guests get to craft decorations while learning how they were made in early 20th century America. Additionally, during spring months visitors can embark on a guided tour exploring the grounds accompanied by knowledgeable park staff or experienced docents who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of local history with others.
Pittock Mansion is definitely worth visiting if you want to add a bit of culture into your trip around Portland! From its unique architecture inside and out – this destination offers something special even for those who aren’t big history buffs! Experience everything this incredible museum has to offer – from guided tours on weekends to educational events throughout different seasons – Pittock Mansion offers memories for all ages.

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