The Pearl District in Portland, Maine is an up and coming area of the city full of culture, art and entertainment. From fitness classes to bookstores and specialty coffee shops, this district brings together the best of what Portland has to offer- all in one convenient location.

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Taking a stroll through the cobblestone streets of the Pearl District is sure to bring about a sense of discovery as there are plenty of unique boutiques waiting to be explored such as the Honeycomb Collective which features locally made arts and craft items. For those looking for something quirky there’s even a speciality bathroom store catered towards renovating bathrooms called Working Class Fine Art center where you can find some truly unique pieces to add character to your home.
For lovers of art, The Robert S. Neuman Gallery is a must-see with its huge collection featuring renowned artists from around the world while the Josephine Boschett Gallery offers a great selection of contemporary artwork all showcased in their beautiful gallery space. If that wasn’t enough be sure to stop by Dreamland Gallery & Atelier which regularly hosts events like movie screenings or puppet shows alongside their large collections of contemporary art pieces that visitors can admire.
The Pearl District also has plenty of great places for foodies such as Little Bee Baking Company where you can find delicious homemade pastries and pies or Etcetera Wine Bar which serves up small plates with fantastic wine pairings perfect for dinner after a day exploring all this district has to offer.
Full of entertainment day and night with lots to explore indoors and outdoors no matter your interests or taste, The Pearl District in Portland, Maine is sure to exceed expectations each time you visit! With its vibrant scene filled with so many things for everyone it quickly becomes one of the most loved parts about Portland!

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