Old Town Chinatown is one of Portland’s oldest and most vibrant neighborhoods. Situated in the city’s northwest quadrant, it’s home to a diverse mix of historic buildings, modern restaurants, and street markets. While the area is largely known for its Chinese influence—a result of its once primarily Chinese population—the neighborhood has evolved into a melting pot of cultures.

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One of the biggest draws to Old Town Chinatown is its abundance of culinary options. From upscale dim sum spots to hole-in-the-wall eateries serving up traditional Chinese dishes, there is something to please any palate. Additionally, you can find Mexican, Italian and Vietnamese restaurants, as well as food trucks that bring flavors from all different parts of the world right to your doorstep.
In terms of entertainment and culture, visitors can explore over 30 art galleries throughout the area. These include everything from small independent galleries showcasing local creatives to larger spaces featuring international exhibitions such as those for celebrated photographer Annie Leibovitz. Additionally, there are a number of theater groups that put on performances year-round in venues ranging from classic theaters like The Aladdin Theater to more intimate settings like The Evergreen Cultural Center.
The neighborhood also hosts a monthly Saturday Market every second Saturday during spring through fall months where you can find unique crafts and wares created by local artists and vendors. And for history buffs, there are many historic sites located in Old Town Chinatown worth exploring including the Portland Classical Chinese Garden and Skidmore Block Historic District.
Overall Old Town Chinatown really offers something for everyone! Its rich cultural heritage combined with the eclectic range of activities available make it an exciting place to visit or explore year round!

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