The International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon is a stunning and vibrant garden that is home to over 10,000 rose varieties from all over the world. The garden was established in 1917 and has since become one of the most beloved attractions in Portland. With 8 acres of blooming roses it’s easy to see why!

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Each year the garden hosts several events like the June Bloom Days showcase where visitors can explore the beautiful combinations of different colored roses found throughout this spacious park. Additionally, there are special guided tours offered throughout spring and summer months which provide information on rose care, pruning techniques, and identification tips.
The highlight of any visit to this gorgeous botanical paradise is a stroll along paths lined with spectacular displays of both old and modern rose varieties. You can also find interactive elements like photo opportunities with fun props and benches to rest while taking in the beauty around you.
Aside from admiring the gorgeous flowers, visitors can also learn more about roses at the adjoining Jenkins Education Center which offers educational classes on topics such as landscape design, botany and horticulture for those wishing to become experts on the topic. In addition to lectures during warmer months there are regular hands-on classes where guests can learn how to construct their own mini gardens complete with composting bins or by planting small pots filled with shrubs and flowers gathered from other parts of the park.
The International Rose Test Garden is an absolute must-see for anyone who enjoys beautiful gardens or just wants a peaceful place for some tranquility away from city life. From its stunning variety of roses to its informative classes – this iconic Portland spot truly has something for everyone!

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