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The Best Seasons for Roof Repair

Posted on by Pioneer Roofers

  Roofing takes a lot of physical work, and weather conditions can significantly impact the expert quality of your repairs. Whether your house is experiencing extreme heat, freezing temperatures, or wind and rain, each season presents challenges for roofing contractors. While protecting you and your family from the elements, any structural damage of the roof- […]

Advantages of Patio Roofs in Portland

Posted on by Pioneer Roofers

Uncover the Benefits of Roof Patios We all love when the weather turns warmer and we get to spend more time enjoying the outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. But but the weather can be unpredictable ranging from soggy and wet to sunny and warm days. Adding a patio roof to your outdoor space allows […]

Types of Commercial Roofing

Posted on by Pioneer Roofers

What Is The Difference Between A Residential And Commercial Roof? It is important to understand that residential and commercial roofing are not the same. Installing a commercial roof generally requires more workers and can often take a month or more to complete. A residential roof can be installed in a day or two. This is […]

The Importance of Hiring Roofing Contractors With Credentials

Posted on by Pioneer Roofers

Planning On Installing a New Roof? One of the most important investments you can make in your home is the roof. Hiring credentialed roofing contractors that know what they are doing can make all the difference when it comes to quality. There are many companies out there that specialize in roofing services. Sorting through them […]

Preparing for a New Roof Installation

Posted on by Pioneer Roofers

Preparing for a New Roof Installation With the change of seasons coming in Lake Oswego, you might begin to notice that your roof doesn’t quite hold up the way it once did. If things are looking really bad, you may even be thinking that it’s time for a new roof installation in order to avoid […]

Tips for Choosing Roof Shingle Styles and Colors

Posted on by Pioneer Roofers

Tips for Choosing Roof Shingle Styles and Colors Choosing color and style for your new roof installation can be a challenging but important task. With many products on the market, making a single choice can be daunting. Different shingles come in a variety of shades, patterns, and colors. And wrong choices can result in disappointing […]

Guide for Identifying Roof Leaks

Posted on by Pioneer Roofers

Roofing Portland: Do-It-Yourself Guide for Fixing Roof Leaks If you’re anything like most homeowners, you’re always on the lookout to save on home repairs, remodels, and touch-ups. All those little savings add up. Paint your own living room, install your own hardwood, and unclog your own toilet—if you save on the little things, you’ll have […]

What’s the benefit of hiring a roofing contractor?

Posted on by Pioneer Roofers

Are you getting the best roof possible? There are different options available when you need roofing work. You can do it yourself, you can hire an independent roofer, or you can hire a roofing contractor. Now each comes with their own advantages and disadvantages you want to be aware of. Roofing isn’t easy, so before […]

What to ask a roofing contractor?

Posted on by Pioneer Roofers

What is a roofing contractor? A roofing contractor is more than just a roofer. Before one can become the other, a roofer must gain specific certifications and acquire the correct business permits. The jump from a roofer to a contractor isn’t just a matter of skill. Roofing contractors manage roofing projects at a much greater […]

Roof Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Posted on by Pioneer Roofers

The summer season is slowly dwindling away, which means that the fall season will be here before you know it. It is time to consider tips on roof maintenance in Portland, in preparation for the changing of the seasons. As you’re digging up your fall wardrobe, don’t neglect to give your roof a little TLC in […]


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